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Is Your Service Trust Tax Compliant?  1

Live: Wednesday, 13 April at 6.30pm – 7.30pm AEDT (Sydney Time)

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The webinar will cover new developments affecting Service Trusts for Medical and Dental Practices based on recent case law and revised guidance materials issued by the ATO on tax anti avoidance measures: 

Payroll Tax and Super

– Can independent practitioners engaged under a service agreement be employees for payroll tax and super guarantee purposes?

– Are your service agreement terms exposing your practice to superannuation and payroll tax liability?

– What can you do to minimise the risk?

ATO’s revised PCG 2021/4 on allocation of professional firms profits

– Are your practice profit-sharing arrangements likely to attract ATO’s attention?

– How to assess your risk profile to determine if you are in the Green, Amber or Red zone.

– What to do if you are in a high-risk category

ATO’s latest crackdown on discretionary trust distributions

– What is section 100A and when it can invalidate your trust distributions

– Distribution to adult children and other family members where benefit is provided to another person

– Circular distributions

– Dangers of unpaid trust distributions to bucket companies

– What are the consequences of s100A

– PCG 2022/D1: Risk assessment framework and examples

– How the new measures will affect your tax planning

The webinar is designed for current and aspiring owners of medical or dental practices with service entity arrangements involving discretionary trusts.

The webinar is FREE for AHPRA Registered Professionals.