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Online Tax Return FAQ

For what years can I submit my Tax Return information online?

We currently accept online submissions for 2019 and 2018 Financial Years.

When can I submit my 2020 Tax Return?

The 2020 Tax Return Checklist will be available after the end of 2020 Financial Year (30 June 2020). You are more than welcome to submit your 2020 Information to us as early as 1 July 2020 to secure your spot.

However, please keep in mind that most information reportable by third parties will not be finalised until at least mid-August (it may take even longer for Dividends and Managed Funds). If you rely on prefilling information, it would be best to hold off lodging your return until prefilling data is finalised to avoid potential discrepancies.

What information will I need to complete online Tax Return Checklists?

To complete the Tax Return Checklists online, depending on your circumstances, you may need to have handy:

  •  Your personal details, including your Tax File Number (for new clients), or your Client Code (for existing clients);
  •  Sources of income for the Financial Year
  •  Details of Work-Related Expenses and Equipment purchases
  •  Car Logbook records and car expenses, or records of work-related car travel
  •  Details of Income Protection, Donations, Costs of managing Tax Affairs and other deductible expenses.
  •  Details of Personal Super Contribution (Fund Name, Fund ABN, Member Number and Amount of Contribution)

The online Tax Return Checklist form does not ask to provide details of my income. Why?

We do not ask you to provide specific details of your income when filling out our online Tax Return Checklist. You only need to indicate what sources of income you had in the financial year.

As your Tax Agent, we will be able to access certain information about you directly from the ATO Reports. Other information is better be obtained from source documents or bookkeeping records. We do not want you to waste your time inputting this information manually. Once we know your circumstances, we will advise you exactly what you need to provide.

Once we send you draft copy of your Tax Return, you will have an opportunity to check the information for completeness and accuracy and let us know if something is missing.

Will I be required to upload all required substantiation documents at the time of submission?

You will be provided with an opportunity to upload your documents at the time of completing online Tax Return Checklist. However, if you prefer, you can provide your documents to us at a later stage.

Will I need to provide receipts for all expenses I am claiming?

No, please do not upload copies of all the receipts for every expense you are claiming! It is not necessary. If we need to have a copy of a particular document, we will advise you. Please ensure you keep your receipts for your records in case you are asked to substantiate some of your claims.

More information about record keeping requirements for individuals can be found on the ATO Website.

Is it safe to submit my sensitive information, including Tax File Number online?

Yes, submitting your Tax Return information using our online Checklist is safe! In fact, it is much safer than sending your information by email. We utilise data encryption technology to ensure that your sensitive data is protected during transmission and storage.