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We are specialist accountants for doctors, dentists and allied health professionals. With years of experience in medical accounting, we can identify opportunities to legally minimise your tax, provide structuring advice, assist with practice set-up, purchase or sale.


We want you to succeed, so we will help you do it right from the start. We assist with business structure, formation and registration, accounting software solution and practice finance.


If you are a medical business owner selling or restructuring your practice or a property investor, we can help you get the most out of available CGT concessions and rollovers. We also assist other accountants with specialist tax advice and research.



Don't Forget To Declare These Things In Your Tax Return 1

Don’t Forget To Declare These Things In Your Tax Return

Common types of income misreported or overlooked include Cryptocurrency Gains, Scholarships, Personal Service Income, Assessable Industry and Government Payments, Capital Gains.

discussing tax deduction for doctors with an accountant

Top 10 Most Forgotten Tax Deductions for Doctors

Doctors incur a substantial amount of tax deductible expenses, some of which often get overlooked. We have summarised the top 10 most commonly forgotten tax deductions for doctors.

Things To Do Before Your Tax Return Is Due 2

Things To Do Before Your Tax Return Is Due

As the major tax deadline is approaching, there are a few important things that some taxpayers need to do before their tax return is due.

Professionals assessing the compliance risks of allocation of professional firm profits using PCG 2021/D2

New Draft PCG 2021/D2 Allocation of Professional Firm Profits: What Does It Mean For Your Medical Practice?

The ATO released Draft PCG 2021/D2 Allocation of Professional Firm Profits, which explains how the ATO intends to apply compliance resources when considering the profit allocation of professional firms.

Should you buy an investment property in your own name or in a discretionary trust?

Buying an Investment Property: In Your Own Name or in a Discretionary Trust?

If you are buying an investment property, should you have it in your own name or in a family trust? Each of these ownership structure options has advantages and disadvantages.

Consultant providing tax planning for doctors

Tax Planning For Doctors: What’s New in 2021

We have summarised key changes that need to be taken into consideration for tax planning for doctors, dentists and other health professionals in 2021.


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